DIY Photo Canvas

Hello lovely readers!

Sorry for the delay.. I was in the mountains all weekend and enjoy myself too much to get on a computer!

Over the weekend I did some crafting with my future MIL and Aunt. Really fun!

I LOVE the photo's on canvas. I've bought one and it cost almost $60 dollars. So when I saw a DIY on Pinterest [obsessed.] I had to try it!

Here are the results [sorry, still not good at taking before and after pics, I get too excited and forget]

So its pretty simple.
You'll need a canvas, tissue paper, tape, printer paper, modge podge, paint brush.

1. Tape tissue paper to printer paper around edges.
2. Print your picture as you normally would on paper [be sure the feed the paper the right way].
3. Cut tissue paper off printer paper.
4. modge podge canvas. [thin layer]
5. slowly [&carefully] lay down tissue paper with picture.
6. spread out bubbles and creases [I like the creases in the black and white one]
7. [for black and white picture] paint black trim around edges.

See? super simple and really cheap!

Hope you give it a try :)


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