High five for Friday

Here are my top 5 from the week.

1. board games with my family.
2. my parents celebrated their 29th anniversary. so thankful for them!
3. boot camp--kicked my butt, but its so worth it.
4. the weather for the weekend-glad I am heading to the mountains!
5. celebrating one of my bff's birthdays-the best way!

 Stay cool, literally.


DIY hanging "picture" frame

Weekends can be so busy. I am a firm advocate for 4 day work weeks and 3 day weekends, who is with me?

I realized my best friends birthday was quickly approaching. We sort of have an understanding that we don't do gifts, at least expensive store bought gifts. She tends to always end up baking me something and I tend to make a DIY gift for her.

I wanted to give her something that was useful & versatile.

I had seen this done in variations on pinterst and decided to create my own version.

Frames are ridiculously expensive! so I found this wood frame for $5. sold.
The frame itself was black, so I bought white paint and turquoise paint. [because I knew I'd be out of it if I banked on having it at home already--of course I did].
The I bought baby clothes pins and had some burlap rope at the house already.

First I took sand paper and a chipping tool and roughed up the edges a little bit. Then I used Vaseline and put it in a few random spots around the frame [distressing technique]. I applied a coat of white, leaving some of the black showing. Once dry, applied the turquoise and let dry. [I also painted clothes pins white].

After it was completely dry I took the sand paper and roughed it up a bit, to get a more distressed look.
 Finally I just tied the burlap rope to each side and strung it in the middle. [I felt this gave it a most rustic feel vs. using wire].

As you can see I used it to hang pictures for her [and also her card]. but she could hang it or lean it against a wall and just use it for notes, recipes, or pictures.


30X30 Challenge

So I follow two blogging lovelies, Kate and Lauren. They are sisters.I think, initially, this is why I was drawn to both of their blogs. I, also, have a sister and can relate to so many of their fun stories, silly texts and cute pictures.
My sista!

 But, when I met them at the blogger meet up they held I grew to love them even more! They are beautiful girls, inside and out, which are exactly people I like to surround myself with! I am drawn to the fashion, hairdo's, giveaways and great ideas they create! Recently they created the 30 with 30 challenge. To find out more check this out.

Basically, what it entails is picking 30 pieces of clothing and mixing and matching them to create 30 different outfits. This is PERFECT for me. I have SO many clothes and do not wear enough of them.
[on a side note, I really need to get rid of 1/2 of them--yard sale?] 
So when I saw their post, I just knew I had to participate.
I can promise you, you won't see 30 outfits. I am too lazy, forgetful and busy to remember to take pictures every day, but I am excited to give this a shot. Here are a few of the items/outfits I have created! 

new orange top from Limited. blue pants. fav. wedges
blue top from vestique. same blue pants as above

white dress pants. top from banana outlet
coral shorts: banana outlet neon yellow shirt: NY&co.
same shirt: loving the bright color skirt: francesca's
& of course I had to show the back. Look @ that zipper!


A great new tool and a giveaway!

Hello lovlies!

My friend, Kate, at The Small Things Blog (who I met at a blogger meet-up she planned, she's super sweet and super cute!) posted this great give-away/sweepstake today.

There is this new great tool called Chip It!!!

Check out her blog and ChipIt! to join in on the fun :)


Business trips

Something about traveling is so stressful. Will I get stopped in security for something? (probably, the 3oz. Bottle limit gets me every time) Do I have too many bags? (yep, how do you bring laptop, purse and carrying on w a 2 bag limit? It's ridiculous to pay pay for luggage) is there enough room on the plane for me? (I'm known for flying on planes that overbook--and everyone shows up) will I miss my connecting flight? (always)

See why this is stressful? But nonetheless I love it! A week away, meals paid for, supplier lunches, a king bed to myself (I weirdly like hotels)

I have some fun activities planned each night while on this trip! Now, being alone, I'm not sure how "fun" thy will be, but at least it will occupy my time!

Until next time ❤


Happy Friday!

I'm obsessed with lists.

Grocery lists
Work lists
Packing lists
Goal oriented lists

.. It's something to do with physically crossing something off to feel accomplished. Hey, whatever works right?

My new obsession, life lists:


Queen city love

Hello lovelies!

This past weekend I went to one of my favorites cities in North Carolina, Charlotte! A lot of my college friends now live there, as did I one summer for an internship! Its a very busy town with a lot to offer and something always going on.

I love love love going to visit and sometimes [only for a minute] wish I lived there! [don't tell Raleigh!]

Some of my favorites at Alive After 5 @ the Epicenter. & don't forget my niece ZO bear!
@ the Lake with my BFF. I got spoiled when I lived here one summer, its my true happy place! <3
If you follow this blog regularly you will find I love food & like to blog about it. Of course, Charlotte has some of the best food, ever! I had my first experience at cowfish [amazing]. and visited another favorite [Boneheads]. & just an FYI, Chick fila recently got new desserts--like Cookie Sunday aka [heaven]. as if CFA wasn't Bad-a** enough already!


Fashion Forward-- updating the wardrobe, in all the same colors!

High Waist Shorts... not sure, but I went for it!

Tanger outlet problems: CORAL & NEUTRALS
ORANGE.. the new, well, everything!