Memorial day beach trip

Well, first things first lets remember to be thankful for our troops fighting for our freedom! Although we should truly be thankful more than one day a year... It's nice to celebrate the fallen, fighting and retired, because of them we were able to relax and enjoy our weekend without any stress or worry!

This weekend we headed to the beach for a little R&R! It was black biker week at myrtle! Now I am far from racist, but who knew so many people rode motorcycles and they could play music so loudly from them!


We ate, drank and soaked up the sun!

Hello lovelies,

I am officially back from vacation.

Ok, so maybe I have been back since Monday--but I finally am back in work mode. [until the beach tomorrow]. I figure the best way to describe the cruise is through pictures. Which works out best since its my [new thing] anyways. Things got a little out of control at times, but it was the most fun/crazy I have been in a while. And not to mention the most I have ate or drank in a long long time. [SO WORTH IT].

[Note:] these are only half of the pictures, the other half are on my bff's camera... maybe that will lead to a second post ;)

 The Beginning:
Don't let the clouds fool you...nothing could ruin our time!

We Ate:

We had more food than you could imagine. Here are a few of my favorites from the trip. Crab cakes, salmon cream cheese and bagels, lobster, sushi [every night at 5-YUM], crocodile bits and tiramisu [talk about good--it was hard to pick just one dessert]

We Drank:

 We drank out of coconuts, bottles and cups. At dinner, on the beach and at the shows!

We made new friends:

Some new friends we made, on the boat, at our dinner table and on the islands!

We soaked up the sun:

In Nassau and Freeport, at Atlantis and on the beaches!

We explored and shopped:

 We went to Atlantis and rode the water slides through the aquarium, saw locals collect conc's and starfish, got local coconut drinks from a hut, shopped downtown Nassau and Port Lucaya in Freeport and even saw a few beautiful sunsets.

We got towel animals:

Monkeys, lobsters and sea lions--oh my!

We took lots of random pictures:

Pictures of going to lay out, nemo in the fish tank with sharkbait and friends, putt putting on the ship and lots of glamor shots before dinner, we even took pictures of the pictures we didn't want to pay for!!

 We even saw a few shows and starred in our own:

 Carnival fun ship, the Carnival Legends show and a little Karaoke if I do say so myself!

The END:

Does this picture say hot mess or what? I blame the wind, the end!

 Hope you enjoyed living vicariously through me for two minutes :)