First 5K on Saturday..eek!

Hey yall!

Okay, so yes I've lost weight, started working out, become a runner [and by that I mean I can now run a mile without dying].

It had been in the works to do a 5K near the end of March. Well, some plans changed and it got canceled..so I made plans for that weekend [obviously.] Then...I realized I was free this weekend. YEP, I said it, absolutely NOTHING planned. [of course that doesn't mean I won't do anything].

So I started searching running sites. I knew I had to do a 5K. It was now or never. I was either going to do one in March and love them and continue doing them or put them off one by one.

Lucky me! I found one in Downtown Raleigh THIS Saturday. After entering my information and credit card # I clicked SUBMIT. [yep. it was done. official. actually happening].

Of course, I made a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods so I could be fashionable while running. I picked up one of these...

No turning back now... Wish me luck as I attempt to run my very first 5K!

I will post next week as to how it goes! Thanks for the support :)



Outfit of the week!

Hey yall!

Today is a beautiful day.. 65 degrees now and supposed to get to 80. What a wonderful way to welcome us to March!

Since it is finally [for now] going to stay warm, I opted for a more "spring-ish" outfit today.

Hope everyone has a wonderful spring day and enjoys their weekend!