DIY Photo Canvas

Hello lovely readers!

Sorry for the delay.. I was in the mountains all weekend and enjoy myself too much to get on a computer!

Over the weekend I did some crafting with my future MIL and Aunt. Really fun!

I LOVE the photo's on canvas. I've bought one and it cost almost $60 dollars. So when I saw a DIY on Pinterest [obsessed.] I had to try it!

Here are the results [sorry, still not good at taking before and after pics, I get too excited and forget]

So its pretty simple.
You'll need a canvas, tissue paper, tape, printer paper, modge podge, paint brush.

1. Tape tissue paper to printer paper around edges.
2. Print your picture as you normally would on paper [be sure the feed the paper the right way].
3. Cut tissue paper off printer paper.
4. modge podge canvas. [thin layer]
5. slowly [&carefully] lay down tissue paper with picture.
6. spread out bubbles and creases [I like the creases in the black and white one]
7. [for black and white picture] paint black trim around edges.

See? super simple and really cheap!

Hope you give it a try :)



Football Fans

Hey guys!

Okay, not sure about all of you, but I grew up being one of two girls, making my dad the only man in the house, besides the cat. I think he wanted us to play every sport known to man-kind and in turn we got to watch a lot of them too.

So, unlike a lot of girls, I LOVE football. I grew up going to college games [where my dad went and I later attended]. My favorite is College but NFL is just as good. For most college games we do the whole 9 yards.. tailgating, beer, food--all the works. I tend to like NFL because you get to relax and just snack throughout all the games on Sundays. [I am a Bronco's and Panther's Fan].

Here are some of the most recent dishes I've made:

  • Buffalo Chicken Dip--[sorry for the picture--this is what happens when the boyfriend digs in before I take a picture, he especially loves this and requests it at least twice a month] It is super easy I just throw 1 block of cream cheese, 1/2 cup mozzarella, 1/2 ranch dressing, 1 bottle hot sauce and 2 cans of premium chunk chicken into a crock pot and stir occasionally until warm [about an hour]. 

Hope yall enjoy!


Cupcake Delight


Sorry for the delay in posts. I have been out of town with volleyball and then got a cold!

Don't worry, I am back in action with lots of good stuff!

Last Thursday it was two of my best friends birthdays. We are big sushi fans so 4 of us went there for dinner.
One of my other best friends who tagged along works for a hotel and plans their events, she knows all the best places to go so she brought along some delicious cupcakes. All in all it was a great night of catching up, gossiping and stuffing our faces [which is important every once in a while].

There was pumpkin, mint, chocolate deluche & apple crumble.

I'll be posting about some of the "football" food I make throughout the season!

Hope everyone has had a great week..almost Friday! :)



Outfit of the Week

Hey yall!

Another important thing to know about me is that I have A LOT of clothes. [emphasis on a lot]

Even still, I stick to the basics, have my favorites and don't branch out much. Lately I've really challenged myself to mix and match and try new combinations.

Oh and also, I like to make jewelry. It is something me and my mom enjoying do in our free time [if we ever have it, we haven't done much lately]

I made this necklace
Shirt: Target, Black Jeans: skinny jeans for old navy [clearly a staple of my wardrobe, I wear them at least once a week] Boots: Target, Necklace: handmade by me. [don't mind my work badge or my attempt to curl my fine, thin, straightest hair]





Sort of feels funny to be back at work! I took yesterday off because I was still in Richmond for volleyball.

The hotel was connected to the convention center where we played, so from Friday night to Monday night I didn't see daylight or step outside once, sort of crazy!

The [bf] and I went to the gym this morning, that was fun and felt good to get back on track! We have a date night planned tonight since I was gone all weekend!

My team did well this weekend, it is fun to hang out with them! Here they are:

Hope everyone had a good weekend and MLK day. Will get back to speed with everything by tomorrow!




Hi Guys!

Please take a minute to visit the "Never Ever Give Up" Foundation created by Jessie Rees. She lost her battle with cancer last week, but her legacy is going to live on for a long time. Help to spread the joy!

I felt like this post definitely needed to be put up. I have a passion for kids and my heart breaks for anyone fighting cancer, especially the kids. Both of my grandmother's have battle cancer and are in remission. This is very heartwarming and so inspirational. You, too, should donate to keep the fight going. In only 10 months her battle was lost, but what she did in that 10 months is more than most of us will our entire lives. It really makes you appreciate what you have. A constant reminder to myself to stop sweating the small stuff. Her motto is one of my favorite bible verses.

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Visit this link to read more and to donate!

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to be thankful for everyone, everything and every situation in your life!


Color Blocking

Happy Friday!!!

This Friday started off a little slow for me. [but a good slow]

I was up early and went for a long [cold] walk with mom. Then I took my time getting ready. [I found my first grey hair today, sort of a scary thought!] I usually work from home on Friday's but chose to go into the office today. Friday's are good days because you can dress more casual and add more style. I hit traffic/an accident so ended up about 30 minutes later than I planned, but none the less I look cute, so it's all okay.

A new trend seems to be color blocking. Some of the pieces are much more bold than others and the colors are to extreme and it tends to make me more box-y. [note to followers: grammar/spelling are not my strong suit]. I tend to stay away from horizontal stripes because they make me look bigger than I tend to be and I have a larger bust making it hard to wear certain styles. Here is my attempt with color blocking..

                     I found this cute sweater at the Loft outfit [a favorite of mine]. The black skinny jeans are from Old Navy and the grey boots from Target.  

I am off the Richmond for the weekend for a volleyball tournament! Look for a New Year's Resolution Post to come early next week! Enjoy your weekend :)



Baking Blueberries

Good morning bloggers!

One thing you should quickly learn about me is that I love to cook, but I am not the best at it.Cooking a dinner is much easier for me than baking [I think that is because you don't have to be so accurate]. But this morning I got up early enough to make a nice breakfast!

Also--I am on weight watchers. I've lost 10% but am working to lose a few more LBS. I love it. If I want mexican, I can eat it. If I want to drink wine, by all means, I do. It's all about counting points. I have about 5lbs to hit my goal weight, where I will become a lifetime member! I'll keep you posted as I get closer to my goal!

Along that note, I love following food blogs and coming up with new meals to try. One I especially love, because it is weight watchers friendly, is Skinny Taste. This morning I made this. Now it doesn't look at pretty as hers, they never do. Also, I used strawberries on half, because I don't like bananas.

[On a side note, my photography skills are minimal, even though I like to think they are great, so bare with me].

Hope you'll give it a try!

Thursday's are always good, it means Friday and the weekend are only a day away!



An Overview!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog and my very first post!

To update you on my life.. I recently graduated from college, [I guess I can't really say 'recently' anymore since its been over 6 months] have a great job with a fortune 500 company, coach volleyball, spend time with friends and am trying to sort my life out.

You are probably thinking, sounds like she has it all figured out.

I wish I did.

If you ask my dad he will say.. "yep, she is right where she belongs". but ask my mom or my friends what they think and you'll get a better answer, "she's good at being in the corporate world but would be great doing something else."

You see, I am into new fashions, [well, some] I love crafting and decorating, [pinterest is the amazing] and I like to express my feelings. None if which really fit into the boring, sit at a desk, no-fashion sense, corporate world.

My dream: to own my own boutique/craft store.

Reality:  Start crafting/blogging on the side [step 1 in process], study for the GMAT, get my MBA and [hopefully] open a store. [oh, did I mention I'll probably be moving to the mountains once I'm engaged/married?]

It's definitely going to be a whirl wind of an adventure and a couple of crazy years but I'm really hoping I can turn my dreams into the reality and hope you'll jump in head first, just as I am doing!

Any feedback, positive comments and constructive criticism are always welcome!