Color Blocking

Happy Friday!!!

This Friday started off a little slow for me. [but a good slow]

I was up early and went for a long [cold] walk with mom. Then I took my time getting ready. [I found my first grey hair today, sort of a scary thought!] I usually work from home on Friday's but chose to go into the office today. Friday's are good days because you can dress more casual and add more style. I hit traffic/an accident so ended up about 30 minutes later than I planned, but none the less I look cute, so it's all okay.

A new trend seems to be color blocking. Some of the pieces are much more bold than others and the colors are to extreme and it tends to make me more box-y. [note to followers: grammar/spelling are not my strong suit]. I tend to stay away from horizontal stripes because they make me look bigger than I tend to be and I have a larger bust making it hard to wear certain styles. Here is my attempt with color blocking..

                     I found this cute sweater at the Loft outfit [a favorite of mine]. The black skinny jeans are from Old Navy and the grey boots from Target.  

I am off the Richmond for the weekend for a volleyball tournament! Look for a New Year's Resolution Post to come early next week! Enjoy your weekend :)


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