Baking Blueberries

Good morning bloggers!

One thing you should quickly learn about me is that I love to cook, but I am not the best at it.Cooking a dinner is much easier for me than baking [I think that is because you don't have to be so accurate]. But this morning I got up early enough to make a nice breakfast!

Also--I am on weight watchers. I've lost 10% but am working to lose a few more LBS. I love it. If I want mexican, I can eat it. If I want to drink wine, by all means, I do. It's all about counting points. I have about 5lbs to hit my goal weight, where I will become a lifetime member! I'll keep you posted as I get closer to my goal!

Along that note, I love following food blogs and coming up with new meals to try. One I especially love, because it is weight watchers friendly, is Skinny Taste. This morning I made this. Now it doesn't look at pretty as hers, they never do. Also, I used strawberries on half, because I don't like bananas.

[On a side note, my photography skills are minimal, even though I like to think they are great, so bare with me].

Hope you'll give it a try!

Thursday's are always good, it means Friday and the weekend are only a day away!


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