Football Fans

Hey guys!

Okay, not sure about all of you, but I grew up being one of two girls, making my dad the only man in the house, besides the cat. I think he wanted us to play every sport known to man-kind and in turn we got to watch a lot of them too.

So, unlike a lot of girls, I LOVE football. I grew up going to college games [where my dad went and I later attended]. My favorite is College but NFL is just as good. For most college games we do the whole 9 yards.. tailgating, beer, food--all the works. I tend to like NFL because you get to relax and just snack throughout all the games on Sundays. [I am a Bronco's and Panther's Fan].

Here are some of the most recent dishes I've made:

  • Buffalo Chicken Dip--[sorry for the picture--this is what happens when the boyfriend digs in before I take a picture, he especially loves this and requests it at least twice a month] It is super easy I just throw 1 block of cream cheese, 1/2 cup mozzarella, 1/2 ranch dressing, 1 bottle hot sauce and 2 cans of premium chunk chicken into a crock pot and stir occasionally until warm [about an hour]. 

Hope yall enjoy!


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  1. Ohhhh I miss buffalo chicken dip!! And I like the chicken/bacon wraps I am going to make that for the game next week but use turkey bacon... trying to be a little healthy with game food.