Busy Life...

So, I've been busy lately. In all aspects of life. hard to keep up when this can't be my full time job.

I wanted to send a special shout out to a friend that I don't get to see too often but since I just missed Halloween I thought what I great way to showcase our friendship than through our halloween adventures!

Also, check out another great friends blog on food (because who doesn't love food) over here!!


High 5 4 Friday

Hello Friday, I welcome you with open arms.

Triathlon is 2 days away. yes, I said DAYS. eek.
Panthers game on our Charlotte Trip last weekend!
Love God's constant reminders he sends! makes my day :)
Best birchbox thus far... talk about paying for itself! JUICY!
Carowinds with my best friend! yay!
Craft nights with my sister! Selling these is anyone is interested let me know!


H 54 F

Yay for Friday!
They are the best.
Maybe because I work from home.
Or because it means the weekend is near.
Regardless, they are my favorite!

new running shoes! triathlon countdown: 10 days!
spending time with my wonderful parents <3
ATL game tix are finally in! woohoo!
after all the bad storms, its nice to see a beautiful reminder from God!
The last beach music for the summer! Love The Embers!


Sock buns & blazers

Dressing up is fun.
when you aren't going to work every day. and you actually have time to do your hair and make up.

Every day is not this easy.
Oh well.

With working out in the mornings, I tend to be rushing around so much that I never actually have time to fix my hair. I've seen the sock bun on a lot of blogs/pinterest. [so no, I don't want credit] but being someone with extremely fine hair this is great! It actually makes my hair look thick, and look as if I spent time creating it! [actually waking up 30 min. late, still working out, and making it to work on time--no one needs to know the real secret!]

When I put on this dress.. I thought okay this is cute, wear it all the time... but how can I look more professional? Luckily, I buy things on a whim when its in style [even tho I rarely wear a lot of it--hence 30X30 challenge]. So I thought, why not throw on a blazer... and voila! I love how much more "professional" I seem, just by adding a simple blazer!


30x30 week 5

Sorry I've been slacking... At least I've been mixing and matching outfits, just been too busy to post.

The good news.. I'm back. And don't want to disappoint.

Outfits of the week!