H 54 F

Yay for Friday!
They are the best.
Maybe because I work from home.
Or because it means the weekend is near.
Regardless, they are my favorite!

new running shoes! triathlon countdown: 10 days!
spending time with my wonderful parents <3
ATL game tix are finally in! woohoo!
after all the bad storms, its nice to see a beautiful reminder from God!
The last beach music for the summer! Love The Embers!


  1. Hi Jenn! I found you on High Five for Friday! I'm your newest follower! I'm going to the Chickfila Kickoff Game but I'll be there on Saturday. Do you live in Atlanta or will just be visiting for the game?

  2. Great blog! I went to college in ATL and darn to I miss the food there!

    Your newest follower: Katie from Life's Little Things @


  3. Good morning!
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can read all about it here:

    Have a great day!