Busy Life...

So, I've been busy lately. In all aspects of life. hard to keep up when this can't be my full time job.

I wanted to send a special shout out to a friend that I don't get to see too often but since I just missed Halloween I thought what I great way to showcase our friendship than through our halloween adventures!

Also, check out another great friends blog on food (because who doesn't love food) over here!!


High 5 4 Friday

Hello Friday, I welcome you with open arms.

Triathlon is 2 days away. yes, I said DAYS. eek.
Panthers game on our Charlotte Trip last weekend!
Love God's constant reminders he sends! makes my day :)
Best birchbox thus far... talk about paying for itself! JUICY!
Carowinds with my best friend! yay!
Craft nights with my sister! Selling these is anyone is interested let me know!


H 54 F

Yay for Friday!
They are the best.
Maybe because I work from home.
Or because it means the weekend is near.
Regardless, they are my favorite!

new running shoes! triathlon countdown: 10 days!
spending time with my wonderful parents <3
ATL game tix are finally in! woohoo!
after all the bad storms, its nice to see a beautiful reminder from God!
The last beach music for the summer! Love The Embers!


Sock buns & blazers

Dressing up is fun.
when you aren't going to work every day. and you actually have time to do your hair and make up.

Every day is not this easy.
Oh well.

With working out in the mornings, I tend to be rushing around so much that I never actually have time to fix my hair. I've seen the sock bun on a lot of blogs/pinterest. [so no, I don't want credit] but being someone with extremely fine hair this is great! It actually makes my hair look thick, and look as if I spent time creating it! [actually waking up 30 min. late, still working out, and making it to work on time--no one needs to know the real secret!]

When I put on this dress.. I thought okay this is cute, wear it all the time... but how can I look more professional? Luckily, I buy things on a whim when its in style [even tho I rarely wear a lot of it--hence 30X30 challenge]. So I thought, why not throw on a blazer... and voila! I love how much more "professional" I seem, just by adding a simple blazer!


30x30 week 5

Sorry I've been slacking... At least I've been mixing and matching outfits, just been too busy to post.

The good news.. I'm back. And don't want to disappoint.

Outfits of the week!


519 💗 Haiti

This is my new church, a branch off of apex umc.

You should sign up.
It's for a great cause.

Seriously, sign up now!


High 5 4 Friday

I thought Friday would never get here..

Do you know what today is? Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan concert.
And I'm going with some of my best friends!

On to my top 5 from the week..
mexican stuffed peppers.
Healthy Desserts.
my new motto. love.
Rise and shine. up early all week triathlon training.
seeing and saying goodbye to this girl, as she heads back to LSU!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Wavy wand wonders

Okay, I've tried every possible way to curl my hair. Every product, every tool, everything!
 It's not that it doesn't curl, it's that I always look like I have ringlets or perfectly spiraled hair. The curls are never soft and pretty. Its too perfect/child-ish looking.

So recently I heard about these new wands. No clamp? how great, it creases my thin hair easily anyways.

I went to check them out at Ulta.. so many decisions. Size, shape, length..
 [we are talking about curling wands don't forget ;)] 

 I debated back and forth between the barrel roller or the tapered one, but honestly had know clue what to do and was so unsure since my curling irons are all 1". I knew I didn't want smaller because it would make a tighter curl, but would bigger just produce the same result as my curling iron?

Just as I was confused as ever, this bad boy caught my eye. It didn't have the inch description and I found this odd.. As I continued to read it proclaimed it was for WAVES. hm, a tool I don't have. You'll notice its square shaped w rounded edges, how it works.. I don't know.
it does come with the glove pictured above, which helps out tremendously with the heat.

 Here is a result of the wave wand. It is amazing how quickly it "curls" and how well it holds throughout the day. when you create the waves you'll noticed they are smaller and sort of tight. Once I have completely "waved" I left cool completely and run my fingers through each piece. It seems to create more volume and a less perfect look.

If you have questions or know of a secret I am unaware of, let me know :)


30x30 by four

This is starting to get tricky. I have too many clothes for this and I'm ready to explore again. Did I miss the whole point of the exercise...? Maybe.

But really I just have too many clothes to pick 30. Let's switch to 50by50?

obsessed with dresses this week apparently.


Weekend in review

Phew! Weekends go to fast, especially when you do something every single night. And Monday's aren't fun after Sunday night country concerts.

Despite my bitching, this weekend was fantastic! So much fun with so many people I love.
Life is good.

Be sure to keep an eye out for a product review/hair tutorial sometime this week. You'll notice my hair is "wavy" or "loosely curled" in these pics. I got a new toy!

Going out is Chapel Hill is a hard thing for a State fan to admit. Having fun: even tougher. Regardless: a fun night!
One of the best places to eat in CH. + a coffee = recovery mode at its finest!
Toby Keith/Brantley Gilbert concert with some of my faves!


High 5 4 Friday

It's Friday! Not sure this day was ever going to get here. Phew.

5 of my faves from the week. And yes this is always hardest after vacation!

Pre-birthday dinner for Dad! with his 3 girls!
Officially signed up for the Triathlon. better get my butt in gear.
Food Trucks in RTP
Finally signed up for Birchbox! woohoo!
Dad's birthday celebration!

Link up with Lauren over at From my Grey Desk blog

Have a wonderful Friday
and weekend!


Today is a GREAT day!

Life is good. SO good.

I hope you think so too.

It is sort of fun to sit back and watch God work his magic.

Phil 4:13
1 Cor 13:13

Have a great day :)



Here are my next few outfits!

This has been so fun.. And eye opening. I have way too many clothes!

shoes: DSW//top:old navy//skirt:target --back to work :(
fav wedges: rackroom//shorts:loft//top:NY&Co
Scarf:gift//tank:old navy//long skirt: target

bargain shopping at its finest...well minus the Loft shorts, but I [HAD] to have them :)
Also, I may or may not be obsessed with instagram, if you haven't noticed. hehe.