Business trips

Something about traveling is so stressful. Will I get stopped in security for something? (probably, the 3oz. Bottle limit gets me every time) Do I have too many bags? (yep, how do you bring laptop, purse and carrying on w a 2 bag limit? It's ridiculous to pay pay for luggage) is there enough room on the plane for me? (I'm known for flying on planes that overbook--and everyone shows up) will I miss my connecting flight? (always)

See why this is stressful? But nonetheless I love it! A week away, meals paid for, supplier lunches, a king bed to myself (I weirdly like hotels)

I have some fun activities planned each night while on this trip! Now, being alone, I'm not sure how "fun" thy will be, but at least it will occupy my time!

Until next time ❤

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