DIY hanging "picture" frame

Weekends can be so busy. I am a firm advocate for 4 day work weeks and 3 day weekends, who is with me?

I realized my best friends birthday was quickly approaching. We sort of have an understanding that we don't do gifts, at least expensive store bought gifts. She tends to always end up baking me something and I tend to make a DIY gift for her.

I wanted to give her something that was useful & versatile.

I had seen this done in variations on pinterst and decided to create my own version.

Frames are ridiculously expensive! so I found this wood frame for $5. sold.
The frame itself was black, so I bought white paint and turquoise paint. [because I knew I'd be out of it if I banked on having it at home already--of course I did].
The I bought baby clothes pins and had some burlap rope at the house already.

First I took sand paper and a chipping tool and roughed up the edges a little bit. Then I used Vaseline and put it in a few random spots around the frame [distressing technique]. I applied a coat of white, leaving some of the black showing. Once dry, applied the turquoise and let dry. [I also painted clothes pins white].

After it was completely dry I took the sand paper and roughed it up a bit, to get a more distressed look.
 Finally I just tied the burlap rope to each side and strung it in the middle. [I felt this gave it a most rustic feel vs. using wire].

As you can see I used it to hang pictures for her [and also her card]. but she could hang it or lean it against a wall and just use it for notes, recipes, or pictures.

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