Queen city love

Hello lovelies!

This past weekend I went to one of my favorites cities in North Carolina, Charlotte! A lot of my college friends now live there, as did I one summer for an internship! Its a very busy town with a lot to offer and something always going on.

I love love love going to visit and sometimes [only for a minute] wish I lived there! [don't tell Raleigh!]

Some of my favorites at Alive After 5 @ the Epicenter. & don't forget my niece ZO bear!
@ the Lake with my BFF. I got spoiled when I lived here one summer, its my true happy place! <3
If you follow this blog regularly you will find I love food & like to blog about it. Of course, Charlotte has some of the best food, ever! I had my first experience at cowfish [amazing]. and visited another favorite [Boneheads]. & just an FYI, Chick fila recently got new desserts--like Cookie Sunday aka [heaven]. as if CFA wasn't Bad-a** enough already!

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