Where did January go?

Hey yall!

I'm not sure if its because I am out of college now or what but for some reason time seems to FLY by. I mean, I know during high school and college time went fast.. and we'd all think man another year has passed...but now in the 'real world' it REALLY flies by. I've worked at my job for 9 months already! CRAZY!

With that being said.. less than 2 months until my first 5k, 3.5 months until my second 5k [in mountains] and 5 months until the beach trip. That means.. time to really get it together.

As you followers may know, I've lost 15lbs already...now its time to get the flab turned into fab and tone up a bit. [&maybe lose another 5 to 10 lbs to really be satisfied].

Here are a few of the workouts I have planned [along with my 5k training/cardio]:


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