Distressed Wood Art

I recently created this piece of art [if you can call it that] for a friends sister who moved into a new place.

It was really simple and only takes a few hours [mostly so the paint can dry].

I think its a really awesome idea because you can make so many different types and they can all be unique.

Step 1: Find old [or new] piece of wood. [if new, distress with sandpaper and hammer].
Step 2: Paint initial color [I chose black] any kind of paint works, I did acrylic and house paint. Let dry.
Step 3: You will notice Vaseline. This is an easy way to get the old look. Rub some on [sparingly] and paint the next coat [green]. Let dry.
Step 4: Paint the final color of your choice [white]. Let dry. Then take a rag and wipe off board where you had the Vaseline. it will show the under color from whatever point you used the Vaseline. [so simple!].

 Step 5: Write on the board. I used a sharpie paint pen. it worked very well. At some points I used a stencil and others free hand. [whatever works for you].

Here is the final product! If you have questions let me know. It's simple, I hope you will try it :)


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